1. secreto99's Avatar

    I have an iphone 4s that is currently locked to Orange network and I am looking to get it unlocked. it is just been jailbroken using evasion and the firmware is ios 6.01 and modem firmware 3.0.04. How do I go about unlocking this so it works on Vodaphone? I don't mind paying, but I thought I would come here to find the a reliable site from people in the know, as there are many sites out there conning everyone by filling in surveys etc.
    2013-04-14 02:06 PM
  2. hcgaloi's Avatar
    I know that Orange in the UK does unlocking for a small fee ($20 +/-), so you may want to contact the carrier directly. applenberry.com is legitimate but very expensive. Use them if you can't find or trust any other places. Good luck
    2013-04-16 12:02 AM
  3. DiokMHF's Avatar
    pm me
    2013-07-06 12:08 AM