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    I have an iPhone 4s (purchased through ATT). I recently moved abroad and through ATT customer service, got the iPhone unlocked to use with a new carrier. I reset the entire phone, and inserted the new sim card. I am now able to receive calls and SMS to my new number, but I can't make outgoing calls or send SMS.
    I tried reseting the phone a few times, turning it on and off, turning facetime and imessage off and on, putting it on airplane mode, removing wifi... nothing has worked so far.
    When I go to Settings / Phone, it says "My Number: Unknown" and it won't let me edit. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I tried to create a new contact with my new number and assign it as myself (suggestion from a previous thread) but it also didn't solve the problem.

    The exact steps I have followed are:
    - before unlocking the phone, I tried putting the new sim card in. I was asked to enter Pin (entered 0000 and was accepted) and then to enter the activation code (I had an activation code from my new carrier, entered it and was accepted) but then received a message saying that I had the wrong SIM card in so I figured I needed to unlock it.
    - put the ATT sim card in again and contacted ATT to get it unlocked.
    - ATT confirmed it was unlocked and that I needed to connect to iTunes and backup/restore for it to unlock automatically (did that)
    - Inserted new sim card in, noticed the problem
    - Tried restoring through iTunes again, no luck
    - Tried reseting network settings, no luck
    - Tried reseting the entire phone, no luck
    - Tried connecting to iTunes and setting it up as a new device (so there would be no connection to the previous ATT line), no luck

    Ugh, what else can I possibly do? I've run out of ideas.
    I am a mac user. It's an iPhone 4S
    2013-05-14 12:35 AM
  2. hcgaloi's Avatar
    Is the phone jailbroken before you got it unlock by AT&T? If so, you can't follow AT&T instruction to activate it. See the link below for instructions on activating a jailbroken iPhone. The instruction says to download an older version of Redsn0w because it was the latest at the time it was written. Ignore that and download the current version. Good luck
    2013-05-14 08:28 PM
  3. gabs80's Avatar
    It wasn't jailbroken
    2013-05-14 08:31 PM
  4. hcgaloi's Avatar
    If it's not jailbroken then try the following to see if it will help:

    1. If you don't know how to put iPhone in pwned DFU mode, download latest RedSn0w for Mac; otherwise, skip this
    2. Put non-AT&T SIM in the iPhone
    3. Plug iPhone in computer; exit iTunes if it's automatically launched
    4. Put iPhone in pwned DFU mode (Run RedSn0w; click on Extra->pwned DFU then follow on screen instructions)
    5. Run iTunes; it should detect iPhone in recovery mode; click on Restore button
    6. After iTunes is done with restoring; leave iPhone plug in and iTunes running; follow instructions on the iphone to setup
    as new iPhone.
    7. If the iphone is imei unlock, you should see a congratulation msg on iTunes. Otherwise, contact AT&T again...

    Good luck.

    Note that, following these steps will restore your iPhone to latest firmware which is not jailbreakable.
    2013-05-15 03:33 AM