1. kance's Avatar
    I got this iphone 3GS from a friend that had never been jailbroken (no SHSH blobs saved) and had ios 6.1.3 installed with a recent BB (restore made normally from itunes)

    I downgraded it to ios 4.1, upgraded the baseband to ipad baseband then downgraded it and now i have BB 05.13.04

    What I have now : iphone 3gs | ios 4.1 jailbroken | BB 05.13.04 unlocked

    My question is, since I only got shsh blobs saved from 6.1.3 and I can't upgrade to any other ios, if I upgrade the 3GS to ios 6.1.3 and do the jailbreak semi untethered can I unlock it using ultrasnow or it won t work with ios 6.1.3?

    And just to make sure, there is really no method to upgrade to another ios without SHSH blobs right?

    thanks in advance
    2013-05-18 04:49 PM
  2. monkeydance's Avatar
    If unlock is important to you and 6.1.3 is must then I recommend best way for you is buy the factory unlock. If Jailbreak and unlock more important than ios than with 4.1. Ultrasn0w might not compatible with 6.1.3.
    2013-05-23 09:46 PM