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    I have an Iphone 4S on firmware 6.1.3 and modem firmware 3.4.03. I decided to unlock it and used this Gevey sim.
    The process worked flawlessly and the phone is now unlocked. I have discovered that if I put back in the original sim tray and sim from the carrier that the phone was locked to I cannot get any signal on the phone but using the gevy sim it works fine. Is this normal after using a gevy sim.
    I then tried to restore the phone in Itunes just to see would it lose the unlock and got error -1. Whats the best way to get past that.
    2013-05-21 09:54 PM
  2. monkeydance's Avatar
    Error -1? check your host file.
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    2013-05-23 09:37 PM