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    IPhone 4s ios 6.0.1
    Firmware 3.0.04

    I downloaded the Gpp software and after plugging my phone up with the gpp sim and my original verizon sim I am getting a installation_proxy error. When I use the gpp sim with their activation sim my phone asks me to choose my carrier, I select ATT which is the carrier I want to use. I put the ATT sim in with the gpp sim and it searche for carrier then says no service. Does the ATT sim have to be activated first? I didnt want to pay more until I know my phone is actually unlocked. It has not downloaded a profile on my phone because of the error message. I am not tech savvy at all and basically need idiot proof instructions. Can someone help please?

    also where my carrier used to say Verizon in settings it now says vf nl 13.1
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    2013-06-05 09:47 PM
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    i dont know that erro.. but the card i sell on my site works with any 4s ios version
    2013-06-05 11:21 PM