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    So I just had my AT&T iPhone 5 unlocked, got a T-Mobile sim card for it and all I'm able to get is 3G/Edge - even when going into Settings/General/Cellular, I don't get the "enable LTE", I get enable 3G on it instead. This tells me that something funky is going on and it's not capable of getting 4G or LTE, but then I see stories of people on AT&T unlocked iPhone's running 4G an LTE just fine. Any ideas?

    Shoot, restored the iPhone in iTunes an there was a carrier update - seems to be working now!
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    2013-07-15 03:25 AM
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    Does your T-Mobile Sim says LTE ?
    2013-07-16 10:11 AM
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    Yeah, we've got the LTE working now on it - it's for my buddy actually. I had the spare AT&T i5, paid for an eBay unlock and now he's got it working on LTE an '4G' - just had to restore the phone once again and there was a carrier update in iTunes right after it was restored. HOWEVER, he is saying it's slow as hell hole, even on 5 bars on LTE - anybody experience this with an AT&T unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile? We came to the conclusion that maybe he's being throttled right now as he's on a pre-paid plan, which expired the other day but he called in and they gave him a 5 day extension - so maybe that's what's going on with the slow speeds? Also another problem we ran into was it was dropping out to no service quite often going inbetween LTE/4G in a well populated area - GS4 right next to it steadily kept 4G.
    2013-07-17 05:23 AM
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    As you said above I just want to say that it’s depend on your carrier service area. If you are travelling from one place to other than it’s automatically enable 3G instead of LTE due to not service given by your carrier at some location. And if you are in proper city where LTE service actually given by the carrier than it enables LTE instead of 3G.
    2013-07-19 12:57 PM