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    This an a question for open minded developers so,

    Is this possible in any capacity? If you could isolate and adapt that code and make it into a third party app that would be great... Can apple force you to update to 1.1.1? If so what firepower do they have in their arsenal, will it not work with future itunes versions, not work with the carrier at all, anything?

    Another far out question...

    If one were so inclined could they make a sim card with built in flash memory and then make a program for the respective phone/application that would allow you to read the added capacity memory on the card as expandable memory for files, media etc. (assuming someone made an expanded flash memory sim card). I use my iphone as a ipod, no phone service and it would be amazing to have the sim slot open for a memory card/sim... Crazier things have been made..??..?

    I know these are random questions ut lets stimulate some different ideas, thats what its all about...

    Adam Aftab
    2007-10-04 09:40 AM