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    So who ever gets one could you please try an AT&T sim and see if lte will work. I'm guessing it will because of the FCC rule making Verizon have handsets using lte to be unlocked. The iPhone 5 can unlocked from Verizon but it did not have the lte bands for AT&T / tmobile. The reason I'm asking is because it would be more versatile to get from verizon so you can use there large lte network and still jump carriers like t mobile. I would imagine you can't go the other way around gsm/ AT&T iPhone 5s to CDMA like Verizon. From what I read the 5s/5c has all lte bands that Verizon, AT&T, tmobile, sprint use but I'm not sure unless some one tests this.
    2013-09-21 04:23 AM
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    2013-09-29 07:45 PM