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  1. blueandy's Avatar
    long story. had a net10 sim in iphone. phoen would intermittenly not work,(no call service or text, def. no data. even with the downloaded apn settings) so i thought maybe i should try att pay as you go. Still the same thing(used the downloaded apn settings for pay as you go and still only worked for a day or so). So thenn..., i thought maybe the phone wasnt factory unlocked so i pmed cowboy on the forum and got the unlock, even got the message in itunes that my phone was unlocked. worked fine for awhile this morning and then the same thing happened. Phone def. has no data(running 6.1.3 so i cant change apn settings), and then i cant make call or send texts unless im in wifi. Any clue whats going on? should i try the tmobile sim swap or is this possibly a hardware issue? Im about to junk it and go back to android, never had a problem like this until my android bit the dust and i picked this phone up.
    2013-09-26 03:09 PM
  2. bbrks's Avatar
    HW problem, but since it is what, 4 to 5 years old, well very possible. I wonder if android would last that long
    2013-10-04 10:10 PM