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    I got this unit cheap from a friend of a friend. Unit was recently reset, then refused to get past the initial iPad activation screen after you connect to Wifi. I figured it would be an easy fix, a likely problem with his internet connection.

    I could not get past it. Apple Store genius was unable so did a black screen reset. Based on reading posts here, I think it was a DFU or recovery mode. No success.

    Checking the SN in the Apple warranty check page results in expected Known purchase date but out of warranty message. But the genius was unable to find the SN or IMEI in his database. He escalated issue to Apple Software support to have the SN readded to the DB, assuming that was the problem.

    Apple replied that the unit was previously an ATT demo unit. They refuse to help unless I can provide proof that the device was purchased from the ATT store. Obviously I do not have that. Given their stance, I feel as if the device has either a stolen or retired flag connected to it. They assure me it does not, but refuse to support me unless I provide proof of transfer from the ATT store.

    Based on a bit of research, I am guessing the ECID is locked down. As I bought this from someone that bought this from someone that... guessing finding the original legal purchaser of the device is unlikely.

    I had the IMEI checked at ATT and they list the device as still in use by ATT. It is in an account of >14000 devices. I am unsure why an active device would have an ECID status blocked. Do you?

    Any suggestions? If all else fails, I can sell the device on ebay for parts, but was just trying to get a cheap iPad for the kids to play with. Any way to fool its activation so I can get it setup and connected to the App store? Or is jailbreaking possible at this state?

    Thanks all.
    2013-10-02 08:53 PM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    That is a stolen device. Your best to turn it into an att store
    2013-10-07 09:33 AM
  3. WildCard^'s Avatar
    I had a feeling it was, so I asked her if it was and she told me there is nothing in her documentation stating it is. But I found about a dozen or so similar iPad1 devices in the same state on ebay over the past 2 months. Got me thinking maybe there was some purge of old devices.

    She never stated, as she seems to skirt my question about the ECID's status, but she hinted that the device was retired demo unit.

    Maybe going to ATT will help put the matter to rest. Doesn't seem anyone here knows a technical way to just fake the activation as no one has replied.

    I'll keep the thread open until after I talk to ATT and close matter with Apple.
    2013-10-07 12:19 PM