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    Yes or read pervious post before posting the same question that's been asked multiple times now. But I'll post it here again.
    "Alright guys refunds for the remaining OCT and November orders are starting to roll out and so if you been waiting you should receive on soon, I can only do so many a day so its going to some what of a slow process should have them all pretty much done in the next 10 period.
    So thats good news.

    In other good news
    We got 1-2 days att unlocks working very stable
    We have 10-14 business days out of contract 3GS/4/4S working pretty stable
    Nokia Lumia 520-1020 att working and stable. ( i know a few have asked about it)
    Pretty much every service i offer is pumping unlocks out like they are going out of style."

    And you have had multiple emails sent and responded to tell you what's going on. So please don't trying to stir the pot when there is no need.
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    2014-01-29 03:31 AM
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    What if you opened a thread regarding your unlocking services for your customers since there seems to be an issue with pm's, emails and posts on here? If it's not a question about there order then it gets deleted.
    What if a thread could be opened regarding services provided by other users/sellers? Obviously the chances of your orders being directed elsewhere would increase, but I think this could be useful for other users as well as the people who just visit the forum. Users could post services provided by "seller".com or X user.
    Just a thought, what do you think?
    2014-01-29 04:27 AM
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    That has already been talked about by staff and there are several pros and cons to it. As of right now we are leaving things as is.

    As for making a new thread no need. Most all emails get answered. I don't answer pms because you would be amazed by the spam I get and probably the rest of the mods.

    And for the deleted post for the last time I have pretty much nixed myself from moderating this thread if post are getting deleted it's not by me and it's mostly it's because post are getting monitored because most don't meet qualification to post links or breaking some other rule.
    2014-01-29 04:42 AM
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    Technically this thread could/should be closed now given the "ATT unlock Servers are down" for good and whatever other vendor related discussions are needed should be between the vendor and customer via email exchange.

    That said, maybe there should be a thread called "unlock vendors/options" where people could ask about options, new models, new regions and whatever else is there. One could even have a list of links to various 5-10 respected general unlock sources. This could also provide a platform to discuss best methods to get ATT/Sprint/T-Mobile to unlock directly and/or so. Just a thought.
    2014-01-29 09:50 AM
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    This is an option discussion so you can talk about anything.

    Here are the the problems with rules that have already been in place for 5+ years and aren't changing.

    We (ModMyi) dont allow advertising/spam. So people can't just come in make some post about selling unlocks or anything else and leave. We want to see activity.
    BST Rules states you must have 35 post to be able to post BST. IF another unlocker who meets the BST requirement example Nicholessss wants to post a thread in BST by all means go for it.

    Those are two biggest reasons, but also modmyi doesn't want to be held liable for anything if we recommend a company and someone has a bad experience or whatever. This is to protect modmyi and its members.

    A prime example is that Toasty feller. The rules are in place so someone like him can't come in and post then scam thousands of people. Like he is doing. We dont have a way a verify a good and bad source.
    2014-01-29 04:14 PM
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    Hi Cowboy i am only on day 4 of my unlock request but just wanted to check with you that the out of contract 4s service is still running smoothly.

    2014-01-29 08:23 PM
  7. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yup running good right now
    2014-01-29 08:29 PM
  8. sdusniper's Avatar
    question..do i need to activate the iphone before unlocking it? Since it's locked with ATT now and when i insert another non ATT sim card in, it will ask me to activate it.
    2014-01-30 04:32 AM
  9. Cowboy's Avatar
    2014-01-30 04:48 AM
  10. sdusniper's Avatar
    let means i can activate the phone with any sim card after it's unlocked, right?
    2014-01-30 04:56 AM
  11. Cowboy's Avatar
    That would be correct
    2014-01-30 05:58 AM
  12. curyousgee's Avatar
    Thank Cowboy, another iphone unlocked and this time in 5 days! 3/3 using Cowboy now , one 4S , one 5 , one 5S.
    2014-01-30 08:46 AM
  13. KaptainKhaos's Avatar
    Thnx for the unlocks - 5 Iphone 5's 32gb in 72 hours or so - Good service cowboy - now just the iphone 4s's left to do
    2014-01-30 09:28 AM
  14. aravind_rao95's Avatar
    hello cowboy, are lumia 520 at&t gophone can be unlocked?
    2014-01-31 07:36 AM
  15. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yes and replied to your pm
    2014-01-31 08:11 AM
  16. mag12's Avatar
    Sent you a pm cowboy regarding a iPhone 4 unlock.
    2014-01-31 07:43 PM
  17. nicholasss's Avatar
    Thnx for the unlocks - 5 Iphone 5's 32gb in 72 hours or so - Good service cowboy - now just the iphone 4s's left to do
    Thattaboy Cowboy!
    2014-02-01 04:47 AM
  18. Cowboy's Avatar
    Busting unlocks out like they are going out of style
    2014-02-01 04:50 AM
  19. Cowboy's Avatar
    Huge price updates
    Under contract Att 4/4S only $50
    At&t iPhone 4/4S Unlock (10-14 Days) | IDeviceGuys
    Out of contract Att 4/4S only $40
    At&t iPhone Unlock (out of contract 4S/4/3GS/3G/2G) 10-14 business days | IDeviceGuys
    2014-02-02 05:28 PM
  20. hackerd00d's Avatar
    50, 50 , 50...40 40....40..do i hear 30?<<< auctioneer babble* in the near future?
    2014-02-02 06:38 PM
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