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    So I bought an iPhone 5 on eBay and it came to me on IOS 7.0 It came to me with no pass code and was able to talk and use my sim card on the device. When IOS 7.0.2 came out, I upgraded.

    After the restore, I'm blocked from being able to get past the activation screen without the previous users iCloud/iTunes password.

    So I contacted the company on eBay, (who has a good reputation) and they said they by them back from walk in customers and would look for the information for that phone and see if they could contact the owner. A few days later they said they didn't hear back from them.

    I understand Apple has this feature in place to prevent theft, but I was very disappointed that there seems no way to get past the activation screen if the previous user did not disable "Find my iPhone" before selling.

    At least Apple could have some sort of workaround for those who bought legitimately. People buy and sell phone like pokemon trading cards back in the day. They don't keep secure like their social security card.

    Anyways, I've been contacting Apple to see if they could contact the owner of the iCloud account that was attached to my phone to ensure it's not stolen and ask them or authorize Apple to disable this. It took some convincing, but I was directed to a Senior Customer Support Manager who is trying to resolve this for me.

    The phone was still under it's one year manufacture warranty. So I told them I wanted to file a claim against a defect in the software. They sort of laughed and said no a few times but the more I explained it to them the more they realized that Apple did a great job and preventing theft with this but did a terrible job at considering how many people wouldn't disable this feature before selling. I told them even if I was going to be denied the claim and have to pay $52.20 to send it in, that I would be happy to do it on principle.

    I was told I will get a call back on Monday. I will post an update then
    2013-10-06 07:03 PM
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    Something similar happened to me today. I bought an iPhone 4s from someone on craigslist today and it turns out i cant use it because the phone is linked to an icloud/apple id account. I tried contacting the seller but he is ignoring me which means the phone was most likely stolen.
    Since i know the apple id of the original user, im thinking about contacting that person and maybe return it even though i would be out about $235.
    2013-10-10 05:58 AM
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    I'm experiencing same issue. Did they ever get back to you with good solution?
    If so please share with us!


    Did they ever get back to you?
    please share with us as I'm in same situation as you are.
    2013-10-21 07:41 PM
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    The guy that sold me the phone did get back to me but I had to send him a threatening email to get him to respond. I told him that since we met at mcdonalds, the security cameras caught his license plate number. I told him I was gonna track down the owner of the phone, where he lives and report him to the police. He responded very quickly with about 20 emails apologizing. I got my money back the next day. He was pissed.
    2013-10-23 08:41 PM
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    Having the same problem. iCloud login has an old apple id and can't change it. Also can't use the password for the old id. As a result I can't use iCloud or reset the phone, because of find my iphone using the same id. Hoping this will be resolved soon.
    2014-01-26 03:25 AM
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    any one try this ? and can prove it ? ^^^^^

    I also bought a phone from my friend problem is she doesn't have access to her email that she signed up with iTunes/iCloud and she doesn't know the password, doesn't know secur5ity questions and yahoo is no dam help.. long story short... we been trying to remove her info off the phone, we even went as far as walking to apple store with original receipt of phone and they didn't want to help.

    now we don't know what to do.. APPLE great job on making more money of the customer. I should just to go back to android :/
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    2014-03-17 08:46 PM