1. hummerhaed's Avatar
    hey everyone,

    i recently purchased an iphone off ebay to fix for my brother, ive done many screen changes and parts changes before and ive been jailbreaking and messing around since firmwares 1.1.1, but this is something new i havent came across yet.
    as i updated and restored the phone to 7.0.2, i went to just go through the phone setup, choosing your language counrty etc and then it came up with a picture to connect it to itunes, so i did that but when it connected, itunes keeps saying 'There is a problem with your iPhone, please visit a service answer centre...." the only problem with that is that i live over 3 hours away from my nearest apple store and the phone has also ran out of warranty. ive searchd the net a bit but cannot find anything. just wondering if there was any fix for this, any help would be much appreciated.
    Cheers Tyson.
    2013-10-07 11:07 AM
  2. NickNeeck's Avatar
    you need to reasamble iphone, something is not conected as it should
    2013-10-27 09:31 PM