1. michaelngu's Avatar
    If you get iPhone 5s unlocked, can you report and claim for a "lost" phone and after receiving another new iPhone, would the "lost" phone have a bad esn/imei since it's unlocked?

    Just curious cause my sister lost hers unlocked iPhone
    2013-11-13 09:25 PM
  2. denvee's Avatar
    well based on my experience in that area, just go straight to the insurance company and file the claim..... i did that on my 4s. bought it brand new form att, went on vacation to a foreign country, went back to the states and filed a loss claim through the insurance. they sent me a new phone, activated it with att.. boom 2 phones for me.... i have been doing that ever since insurance is available...

    old 4s still works no problem.... if questioned why its still activated..... well i found it after a week in the luggage.. boyah alibi

    about it being unlocked... they will send you what ever you in original state... if you bought it unlocked, they send you unlocked... if you bought it locked.. they will send it locked.....
    2013-11-14 06:16 AM