1. 6010fd12's Avatar
    Alright so I bought an iphone 4s from a trusted user off of ebay and I was sent a iphone 4s with gevey ultra s. (Didn't come with the reset sim)

    I went through the process of setting up the phone and I used my old H20 Wireless simcard to activate my phone with. Once that was done and I was on the main menu, I took the gevey sim out of the brand new original packaging and placed my lycamobile simcard in there. (Also the 4s is atnt locked)

    Once I inserted the simtray with gevey and my lyca sim in my 4s and after a minute I got a message that pops up from gevey and that says it's been successfully unlocked and asks me to accept so I do. Right when I accept my phone boots into activation required and when I try to go through it says "Sim not valid"

    I have tried using the original H20 Wireless sim that I used to activate the phone with and put it in with the Gevey but after I accept it will boots me into activation required and I am not able to activate it.

    My iphone is running ios 7.0.4
    2013-12-17 06:24 AM
  2. shady-b's Avatar
    i have the same problem even with reset sim
    2013-12-18 01:53 PM
  3. eyepoper's Avatar
    Try installing Furious mod from cydia. Google from cydia for furiousmod repo and install it. Let me know cause I got a 4s sprint wanting to upgrad to ios 7.04 with my gevey uktra S 2.02
    2013-12-24 07:16 PM