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    I only charge 55
    2014-01-22 07:52 PM
  2. nicholasss's Avatar
    The iPhone 5 can be tricky. As long as it has a clean imei and is out of contract it can be done using the slower service. Otherwise, you're looking at the fast service ($100+).
    2014-01-22 07:55 PM
  3. zeppy's Avatar
    Regarding my iPhone 5 unlock from Toastyunlocks, so far so good...

    Communication has been great and my iPhone 5 unlock is being delivered sooner than I expected.

    Finally, now I can use my iPhone 5 on T-Mobile!

    I only charge 55
    Wow... Impressive price for an iPhone 5 unlock! (ordered from Toasty bec. he had better price at the time and was recommended to me by others who had gotten unlocks from him.)

    Thanks Cowboy to you and others for helping all of us unlock our iPhones.

    T-Mobile has been the best gift of all since I left AT&T in 2010 after being ripped off for a decade by AT&T:

    I have 5 phones and one iPad Mini 2 Cellular on a T-Mobile Family Plan.
    Total Cost for all of the above including tax: $114 per month. AT&T would be over $280 per month.

    Ship it, Long live T-Mobile and may the business model of AT&T crumble into the ash-bin of history.
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    2014-01-23 03:15 AM
  4. paaji's Avatar
    I only charge 55
    Iphone 5 or later?

    2014-01-23 08:42 AM
  5. zeppy's Avatar
    Iphone 5 or later?


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    2014-01-23 05:32 PM
  6. foolskill's Avatar
    I have some updates on this.

    Toasty produced a phony 'shipment' with USPS tracking number and mailed a letter to my address. The postman delivered it and Paypal has now sided with Toasty because shipment was delivered!! I have now proceeded to dispute the charge with my credit card. Let's see if I have more luck there.

    This is all obviously extremely shady and fraudulent activity. Is there anything else that can be done about this? Like file a police report or something else? Something must be done to stop this guy in his tracks.

    I suggest anyone who is having an issue with Toasty to either start paypal disputes right away or start a dispute with the credit card company. Sooner or later all this wrongdoing will get back to him.
    iphonelver, my situation is exactly the same as yours!!! Filed a claim after 2 months. My claim is not closed yet, but i did receive a 'fake' shipment yesterday with USPS tracking number. In it was just a paper with terms and conditions.

    He also emailed me asking me to close the case, then he will refund me. That his paypal account was frozen.
    I try to call paypal before they close my case.
    2014-01-24 12:24 AM
  7. paul&hifi's Avatar
    Hello everybody
    November 24th i paid toastyunlocks to unlock my clean imei iphone untill now it has not been unlocked. He doesnt answer my emails neither my facebook messages.
    I spoke with PayPal they told me since its been more than 45 days I need to file a complain with my credit card conpany.
    If anyone one want to do a mass police report to put this guy where he belongs Im up.
    Thank you
    2014-01-24 06:04 AM
  8. nicholasss's Avatar

    If you paid Toastyunlocks using a Credit Card, contact them now to get your money back. Do not bother with PayPal, go straight to your Credit Card company.
    2014-01-24 06:19 AM
  9. paul&hifi's Avatar
    A bunch of people are demanding refunds on his facebook and twiter cause hes no answering their emails and didnt unlock their phones and i ve checking toasty is deleting their facebook and Twitter posts. What a scumbag, weird way of doing business
    2014-01-29 05:23 AM
  10. Cowboy's Avatar
    He can't delete twitter post but he can Facebook.
    2014-01-29 05:47 AM
  11. paul&hifi's Avatar
    I ve been checking him since like two weeks, all the facebook posts who people wrote about him like not been able to unlock the phones, refounds, or just criticizing hes company are gone, theres a new ones right now people asking for refounds, those posts will be gone soon as he checks hes facebook.
    Ive seen part of the tweets gone aswell, maybe hes just treating them with blacklisting their phones if they dont delete those tweets. Who knows?
    2014-01-29 05:58 AM
  12. Cowboy's Avatar
    Maybe who knows. I can understand having a bad source and having delays etc i have experienced and its really hurt my reputation and business, but I have also been pretty upfront about it and made the moves to correct the problems.

    He hasn't shown that at all. He hasn't shown remorse or anything. And has now offered two services I am counting that havent existed in months/ years now. And taking on more and more of those orders to get bigger cash flow. Seems to me like he is truly a scammer, he has harassed me and chronic multiple times on twitter. Making outlandish claims, which he is now doing.

    I can't stand the guy at all.
    2014-01-29 06:22 AM
  13. paul&hifi's Avatar
    I just wonder to which account new customers are luring to send the money if PayPal had froze hes account?
    I wish people really do a research before go with scam artists like toasty.
    I like what you said to be upfront and correct the problems. thats the only way to win on the long run.
    2014-01-29 06:38 AM
  14. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yes in the long run it should hopefully all work out.
    There is such little room for error in this business (learned that the hard way) and i know a lot of great unlockers that understand that now after the november/october craziness. Its not like a typical online busies where we get a to mark up the product 200%+
    Most of us I would say make anywhere between 5%-15% depending on the unlock. So we aren't making bank I would love to know who is making the remaining 85-95% because they could probably buy a new Lamborghini once a month just off me.

    What Toasty is doing is offering lower prices which makes people want to buy from him then scamming them out of money. He posted a tweet that he got an order for 850 unlocks. From my math thats anywhere between $46750-$114750. I feel bad for that guy if that is true. Then again if he really did pay that much I am sure he can afford a pretty decent lawyer and put him in his place
    2014-01-29 06:53 AM
  15. paul&hifi's Avatar
    Yes I saw those tweets, I admit its kind of funny to read yours and toasty back and forth tweets, but that tweet of 850 unlocks and the one about the western union one, looks more like he wants you to green with envy. Like a kid, because a truly pro wouldnt post those tweets when he cant even unlock my iphone.
    2014-01-29 07:06 AM
  16. Cowboy's Avatar
    Haha i think me and his tweets are funny as well. He really just wanted a rise out of me. Which i will say he sorta got
    2014-01-29 07:09 AM
  17. paul&hifi's Avatar
    Now hes going to tweet you: We noticed you're STILL running a defamation campaign agains me.
    This theft cant even come here and confront me and rest of people who ve been scammed. Hopefully he does cause our emails and facebook messages he doesnt answer.
    2014-01-29 07:24 AM
  18. Cowboy's Avatar
    Most likely
    2014-01-29 07:40 AM
  19. nicholasss's Avatar
    Then again if he really did pay that much I am sure he can afford a pretty decent lawyer and put him in his place
    Haha this made me laugh!
    2014-01-30 02:46 AM
  20. Cowboy's Avatar
    2014-01-30 03:27 AM
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