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    Regarding my iPhone 5 unlock from Toastyunlocks, so far so good...

    Communication has been great and my iPhone 5 unlock is being delivered sooner than I expected.

    Finally, now I can use my iPhone 5 on T-Mobile!

    Wow... Impressive price for an iPhone 5 unlock! (ordered from Toasty bec. he had better price at the time and was recommended to me by others who had gotten unlocks from him.)...
    Just a follow-up to say that my iPhone 5 unlock for $65 from ToastyUnlocks came through early!

    For all of the attackers against Toasty and the bootlickers who are opening up accounts on forums just to try to discredit unlockers like Toasty, shame on you little deceivers and liars.

    May even more power and prosperity go to the few good guys who are still available to unlock our iPhones.

    ToastyUnlocks is one of the good guys... (My friends encouraged me to order my unlock with him)

    Communication with Toasty was great. Turn around time is 1-10 business days for Toasty, Cowboy or any other reputable unlocker. There were hundreds of customers in the October/November time frame who were not unlocked for weeks or months, this includes Cowboy, just see the threads, this included Chronic and Toasty, just see the threads.

    The whole AT&T unlocking nightmare fiasco is not the fault of any of the above unlockers or those who are actually doing the unlocks for them.

    Blame AT&T!

    The days of easy unlocking being next to impossible (at times) is AT&T management responding in a way that protects their greedy business model and renders an off-contract AT&T iDevice unusable as a phone unless you wish to pay for AT&T service.

    Good unlockers have enough hard work to do. They and their customers do not benefit by having cheap shill liars and attackers or disgruntled customers coming on forums and posting lies and attacks about unlockers.

    These unlockers are providing a very valuable service so we can continue to use our iPhones instead of keeping them in a drawer.

    Thanks a Million Toasty!!!

    2014-02-03 05:22 AM
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    Thanks to you zeppy this treat will be alive. Toasty unlocks is just a simple theft if we open an account is to tell our experience with this company and to warn new potential customers who will be fooled by this scam artist. Everyone can check hes facebook and tweeter to see how daily customers are asking for him to replay emails and to re found payments and he just totally delete those posts and left those taht it may sounds ok. He never did replay my several emails, he had blocked me from facebook because I was kindly asking for a refound so I oppened a paypal claim. Hes
    paypal has been frozen so now hes checking for a possibility for customers to pay with bit coins then will those customers totally loose their money.
    Zeppy I think your are toasty or hes brother if so you are just a simple theft.

    We know it was rough times October, November for everybody but a least cellunlocker, sam unlocks, swiftinlocks, cowboy etc, did re found the money, but you just have kept all our money. From How many custommers have you been stealing money from? I Cant belive you are still in business? I hope the police will put your *** in jail asap
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    2014-02-03 05:50 AM
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    Update on my case with Paypal and Toasty. Paypal has now sided with me after an appeal to the original dispute. They say they are in the process of getting the money back to me. I've also talked with my credit card that is looking into this. I'm getting my money back yes or yes.

    ToastyUnlocks is one of the good guys... (My friends encouraged me to order my unlock with him)
    This poster can't be for real. After many cases of documented douchebaggery someone (hey Toasty, is this you!?) has the nerve to post that he's 'one of the good guys'? Please...
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    2014-02-04 09:01 PM
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    Just a quick update. This shady character / con artist Toasty Unlocks, still hasn't refunded me for failing to unlock my iPhones from December 2, 2013. I will now go through American Express, but hopefully nobody else falls prey to this scumbag posing to run a legitimate unlocking company. If you are thinking of ordering with TOASTYUNLOCKS, STAY AWAY!

    In addition, to the apologist above, I am going to assume you are the vast minority that got lucky with ToastyUnlocks or you are Mr. Ray Alvarez himself, of Toasty Unlocks. If you are a legitimate customer, then good that you got your phone unlocked, but it is you who is the true bootlicker because with all the legitimate concern and stories regarding this shady website and character, you choose to lick his boots like he is god, and all he did was unlock your phone, which he was supposed to do. Amazingly pathetic.
    2014-02-05 01:52 AM
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    Zeppy must be toasty or a good friend of him because he posted the same post somewhere else in this site with an effort to save his ***.
    If you havent got yours phones unlocked contact him for a refound immediately and he doesnt answer do a paypal claim or a claim directly with your credit card company, because now theres too many claims and im afraid he ll get arrested by the police or his company banned from paypal forever, then people wont be able to get their money back.
    When you make a paypal claim be prepared to:
    He will blackmail you telling you he will blacklist your phone if you dont stop the claim.
    He may send a piece of paper to you adress so he can get a confirmacion number from usps so he canfight against your claim and show paypal he did send the "service you paid for"

    Today on toastunlocks facebook was some posts again people asking for refounds and somebody saying hes scam, now those posts are gone as always.

    You can check hes facebook and twiter, you dont need an account with them just google toasty unlocks then you can read any post on hes facebook page and twiter.
    God Bless
    2014-02-05 02:51 AM
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    When you make a paypal claim be prepared to:
    He will blackmail you telling you he will blacklist your phone if you dont stop the claim.
    He may send a piece of paper to you adress so he can get a confirmacion number from usps so he canfight against your claim and show paypal he did send the "service you paid for"
    I'm starting to think Toasty is just not the sharpest pencil on the deck. There is essentially zero chance he's gonna get away with not giving money back to people either through paypal or the CC companies going after him. And then depending on the amount he's been defrauding the police could get involved.

    Also, has someone noticed how is now accepting bitcoin payments!? Paypal coming down on you Mr. Toasty? Need other ways to steal money from people? Hopefully no one will send him naked bitcoin payments with no chance of appeal or chargebacks.
    2014-02-05 07:18 AM
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    "Scammers and Shills" open multiple forum accounts on similar dates and use proxy IP addresses to make multiple posts in this thread to defame ToastyUnlocks and others.

    Cowboy should be providing better unlocks at better prices rather than entertaining people posing as scammers and liars.

    This is good entertainment and honest people see right through these schemes.

    What's Jailbreak?

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    What's Jailbreak?

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    What's Jailbreak?

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    What's Jailbreak?

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    What's Jailbreak?

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    ^^^ Cowboy ^^^

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    2014-02-05 11:28 AM
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    @Zeppy Do not talk to me about defamation, unless you have all the facts in place first, Toasty has made ripoffreport claims on me, tried to make me look like a bad guy on here and on twitter and Facebook etc etc. He is a lying thief, this is not an outlandish claim but a fact.

    If your not Toasty great! I am glad you had a wonderful experience with toasty, I am sure. I am actually probably the one that actually unlocked your phone ( See attached image) Is Toasty Unlocks really a scam or just practicing bad business?-img_1781.png

    Now you really want to challenge me to offer better unlocks at better pricing? Well my unlocks actually work so I am already better in that aspect, and for pricing I can and do destroy Toasty and many others pricing on numerous unlocks and services. But i am also not going to drop pricing so hard it kills a market. Like the .99 cent unlocks did before.

    Toasty first start in November i believe in the height of all the unlock crazy offering unlocks at $60 dollars. At that point in time the cheapest working unlock I could get my hands on was over the $150 dollar mark wholesale. He was offering unlocks less than 1/2 of the going rate which was not possible and it showed so he offered speed demon speed upgrade for more money when unlock priced dropped down for a little while around a $100 wholesale. That was the first red flag. Then in December he started offering Sprint unlock services. That service hasn't been available for over a year now. And if me, chronic, and a few others, can't get it i know that a 2 month old unlocker can't do it, and it turns out he can't taking 100's of more dollars from people. 3rd reflag is how he was getting att unlocks or trying to at least. Not going to explain that in-depth dont care too, but was idea born to fail. I honestly dont pay to much to toasty anymore because he is killing himself. But i went ahead and checked his Facebook out a few times yesterday and i counted 8 post that we posted and deleted by him. Each one asked wheres my unlock or wheres my refund. I have seen 1 post it looks like in 20+ days that says he successfully did an unlock. He talks about delays a lot there hasn't be more than a 24 hour delay since the beginning of december.

    So @Zeppy dont come at me accusing me of defamation with out knowing the facts about me. I would love for you to post pics/screen shots of your communication with Toasty, and i would love for you to send me your full imei number via pm no need to post it publicly so i can see if I actually did your unlock. I have a strong feeling me, chronic, slimsim, did the actual unlock. If you dont feel comfortable with that I understand. But i would love to see successful communication with him.

    And last but not least claim that all these above accounts are shrill accounts is very outlandish i have talked to multiple of them, and found by reversing email addresses which anyone can do, they are all real people just sharing there story.

    My last in final question is why are you sticking up for him? Where is toasty at? And before you go and pull my twitter conversation with him saying i banned him (which i had no part in), i know for a fact he has multiple accounts. He can deny deny deny but the system doesn't lie, but why isn't he in hear trying to clear things up and why havent these others had any communication with him?

    I look forward to a response from you and toasty
    2014-02-05 03:41 PM
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    This is good entertainment and honest people see right through these schemes.
    Hello there Mr Ray Alvarez AKA 'Toasty Unlocks'.

    Obviously these people opened accounts here because you were ripping them off and they needed help. It's pretty common for people to write negative reviews when someone gets bad service or gets ripped off. Not so common to jump onto a forum to write the marvels of a phone unlocking service. This happens all the time in review websites like yelp.

    You are going to piss off the wrong guy one of these days and it's not going to be fun.
    2014-02-05 04:58 PM
  10. taha1990's Avatar
    Toastyunlocks is a scam
    when I asked about the service he replied in less than hour
    after I paid for the unlock no reply for a month and of course no refund
    he blocked me from his facebook page too
    2014-02-05 08:22 PM
  11. paul&hifi's Avatar
    Zeppy, you piece of liar trash why dont you be a man and confront us instead pretending being somebody else.
    Stop deleting facebook posts from customers telling you to refound the money, how long do you think you ll last?
    Im sure the only unlock you did was the one you bough from comboy and then reselling, you piece of ****

    Cowboy, dont you realize zeppy is toasty? Theres no way a normal human with basic common sense will protect a person with such a criminal behavior. This guy is so evil that even knowing that we know hes stealing money from people, he still running hes toastyunlocks to even get more people to scam.
    If hes asking for you to put down the prices (which i hope you do) is to buy from you and resell the unlock to show he does actually unlocks phones, like the only one that posted on hes facebook some positive abou him unlocking for 140 bucks, which maybe is your unlock or a friend of him posting something to make his company looks good.
    Those others posts from people asking for refounds of course are deleted daily.
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    2014-02-06 12:06 AM
  12. iphonelvr's Avatar
    Buyers Alert

    Toasty has a new deal now of $85 for 5S/5C unlocks ( . I looked around and the going rate for at&t 5S/5C unlocks is minimum $125 ( all the way up to $180 for some other unlockers over a significant sample of providers, around 10 I looked.

    No way in hell anyone can provide the unlock for that price, so it seems Toasty is back to taking the $85 payment and upselling to the actual customary $135 which is what it costs. This may actually work for him. Let's say he can convert 50% of buyers from the slow $85 service to the 'fast' $135 it gives him a lot of wiggle room to slack around refunding people the $85. What a racket!
    2014-02-06 09:00 PM
  13. Cowboy's Avatar
    Actually we just started offering a new service thats only $90 Att iPhone 5S/5C Unlocks (10-15 Business days) | IDeviceGuys
    2014-02-06 09:56 PM
  14. iphonelvr's Avatar
    Actually we just started offering a new service thats only $90 Att iPhone 5S/5C Unlocks (10-15 Business days) | IDeviceGuys
    Cowboy, how reliable is this service? Any chances in getting stuck waiting forever?
    2014-02-06 11:11 PM
  15. Cowboy's Avatar
    Nope i test everything for a few weeks with 5-10 imeis before i posting it on my site. All cleared most were actually in the 8-9 day range
    2014-02-06 11:21 PM
  16. JamaicanUnlocker's Avatar
    I have read all 3 pages and this dude did the exact same thing to me including the mail with terms of agreement, but I have already received my two refunds. My advice is to save all messages and quote everything to paypal.
    2014-02-08 01:28 AM
  17. cd00ef's Avatar
    Well, same here. This bastard sent me a paper copy of website terms instead of 5s unlock.
    2014-02-17 08:07 PM
  18. iphonelvr's Avatar
    Well, same here. This bastard sent me a paper copy of website terms instead of 5s unlock.
    PayPal will first decide the case in favor of Toasty but will give you a chance of appeal. When you appeal just explain that letter was didn't provide the unlocking service and that he still hasn't provided such service in any form. By the way, the chance for appeal is narrow, just a few days, so don't slack around.

    This was sufficient for PayPal to rule in my favor. Even if that failed, you could do a chargeback with the Credit Card company. Toasty won't get out of paying that one.

    Please guys stay away from ToastyUnlocks. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches.
    2014-02-17 10:17 PM
  19. paul&hifi's Avatar
    Paypal new what toasty was doing and didnt act immediately. One of the guys in the fraud department new about how hes exploiting the flaws paypal have, like sending that piece of paper to confront your claim.
    We ain't talking about someone whos late with unlocks or late refounding money. We are dealing with a criminal, a thief.

    Is sad that there's still people been scammed by toasty, on facebook like this guy:

    *Your paypay account can no longer receive money, doesn't sounds right.

    Toasty unlocks: Paypal didn't like us sending 30,000 in one day to supplier's so limited our account. We won't be using PayPal anymore after that

    *No longer secure for buyer like us?

    Toasty unlocks: What about security for the seller, and the thousands PayPal gave away to scammers after we unlocked their phones.... ? PayPal is a joke.

    What this guy doesnt know is that toasty unlocks never had any sprint or any unlocks of any kind to begin with, just straight stealing money for a service that doesnt exist.
    Of course hes deleting facebook posts daily from people asking for re founds.

    Hopefully people google that scammer and find this treat before anything.
    2014-02-18 12:14 AM
  20. rayvesuvius's Avatar
    I'm Ray Vesuvius, Founder of Toasty Unlocks, and feel it is time to address the issues and accusations put forth.

    I did attempt to reply to this thread awhile ago, but the moderator team and owner of this site decided to ban our account, preventing me from replying to bad reviews, and in effect muzzling us.

    I sincerely hope they do not try and delete this reply or ban this account

    Here are the pertinent facts :

    1) iDevice Guys, Chronic Unlocks, and Toasty Unlocks are the three largest unlock sites out there. We all use or know the same people and sources and have similar services.

    2) The AT&T madness in October stretching to December was a tumultuous time, with service going down and everyone scrambling to find a solution. Extremely long delays, refunds, chargebacks, it was a big mess. All providers had the same issues- having to deal with refunds, money tied up with shady and unreliable suppliers. That wasn't a Toasty Unlocks issue. We have issued refunds to most, despite losses. In addition to legitimate customers seeking refunds, we had to deal with scammers attempting fraudulent disputes and chargebacks, on a large scale.

    3) Our attempt to divert funds to Paypal to refund others blew up when Paypal limited our account, taking our funds hostage and unable to send refunds to individual customers. Our account was limited because of volume of transactions, and fraudulent chargebacks as well as legitimate.

    4) We have been scammed by suppliers offering services, and that is part of the Paypal debacle we went through.

    If you have any questions, let me know.
    2014-03-15 12:26 AM
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