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    Hi all I have a slight problem in that when I tried to unlock my iPhone 4S to work with a different carrier using SAMPrefs, the screen went black and came back on to an activation page which I cannot get past. I bought this phone a while ago now and it has worked flawlessly since then, last night i did the jailbreak with the evasi0n thing and it was fine, the problem came when I tried to follow an old outdated guide for SAMPrefs. I have read about bypassing the activation screen by using the emergency call to 112 and using the power button etc. but when I dial the number and press call nothing happens, perhaps because in the top left where the carrier name appears, it says "Searching...". Im not even sure which button on SAMPrefs I pressed, it may have been the De-Activate button? I hope theres something that can be done? I did make a backup shortly before JB but itunes says the phone must be activated.

    Many thanks in advance.
    2014-01-03 02:05 PM