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  1. RickyGray's Avatar
    Hey All..

    I'm using my unlocked iPhone with my Vodafone sim card. But I can't seem to get the BlueTooth to work at all. It just keeps searching for devices when I go into the settings. The little wheel just keeps turning and it says searching. Kinda strange. I can't see how it doesn't work. Anyways, is anyone else experiencing similar issues? Has anyone perhaps resolved it.

    Would apprecite your help.


    2007-10-04 07:29 PM
  2. aziatiklover's Avatar
    wat r u trying to connect it to? your headset or computer?
     Think Different
    2007-10-04 07:52 PM
  3. RickyGray's Avatar
    Ideally both....but in reality my headset would save me a few bucks while driving. Any ideas whatI'm doing wrong?
    2007-10-04 08:00 PM
  4. aziatiklover's Avatar
    Ideally both....but in reality my headset would save me a few bucks while driving. Any ideas whatI'm doing wrong?
    check if your headset bluetooth is compatible with the iphone bluetooth
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    2007-10-04 08:51 PM
  5. coiledserpent's Avatar
    i also have the same problem and im on vodafone aswell here in ireland.
    i was trying to connect both my iphone and my wifes and it keeps spinning that wheel searching.
    this happens on both mine and the wifes!
    2007-10-04 08:59 PM
  6. gak4u's Avatar
    I too have the same problem with unlocked 1.0.2 iPhone..

    I was trying to fix my Wi-Fi Problem, which also fixed my Bluetooth problem.

    Go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings

    it worked...
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    2007-10-18 07:49 PM
  7. porcupine's Avatar
    i 've tried it, reset network settings but still no luck...
    i 've got a sony ericsson HBH-GV435 which found on some forums to be compatible with iphone.
    2007-10-18 10:08 PM
  8. antoniosenise's Avatar
    I have the same problem with unlocked 1.0.2 iPhone...
    I just can use my Bluetooth with my headset!!! I can't connect with my computer, transfer files and pictures????? and can`t transfer pictures another cell phone???
    It just keeps searching for devices when I go into the settings.

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
    2007-10-19 02:40 AM
  9. RickyGray's Avatar
    Hey Gak4u..

    If I reset my netwrk settings will that not lock my phone up and make it back to the factory settings??
    I am desperate for this to work but dont want to lose my phone.

    2007-10-19 10:56 PM
  10. marcelse's Avatar
    Well, apple saved a few bucks when it came to installing bluetooth hardware.
    U can't connect ur iPhone to anything but the apple Headsets and such that are compatible.....
    Which means no sending pics to friends phones.....
    Unless someone knows a fine hack of some kind.
    2007-10-21 03:49 PM
  11. lsjdesigns's Avatar
    Dude you are the bomb!!!! I reset the Network Setting and bingo.. My Apple Bluetooth works. Yeah. I am happy. Thanks so much.
    2008-05-23 05:01 AM
  12. veejay's Avatar
    hi.. i tried to reset my network setting also but still i cant use my bluetooth.. do you have other methods to trouble shoot this problem? thank you..
    2008-06-02 12:24 PM
  13. MGLEZOS's Avatar
    Hey Is There Any Program For Unlocking Bluetooth
    I Want To Sent The Picture Of My Girlfriend To My Wife's
    2008-06-11 02:12 AM
  14. the saints revenge's Avatar
    it seems most are having the pairing issue which leads me to believe that somewhere the pairing is not connecting. Just so you know i found on a apple forum or website that the common pairing is either 0000 or 0001 and if you pair with any other digits it could be causing a connection problem I was using 3464 and though it showed connected and my car audio system it would never actually connect (though it would show connected). so I found 2 things that worked IF and only IF it is connected but not 100% so to say! You will have to experience it so to say! it shows connected but doesn't activate or let you use the bluetooth. HERE iS THE FIX IN THIS CASE. Disconnect the blue tooth while it is disconnected toggle the airplane mode ( turn it on and off) then reconnect the bluetooth and boom it should work. Of course my iphone is jailbroke and activated on tmobile and using the 2.01 software from winpwn.
    Hope this helps all you guys out.
    2008-11-16 06:25 PM
  15. YankeeEsq's Avatar
    Thanks. This network reset worked on my jailbroken iPhone 3.1.2 where the bluetooth stopped working and kept turning off, instantly.
    2010-05-12 05:27 AM
  16. Rickardo10's Avatar
    Hi my iPhone 4.0.1 is jail broken and unlocked my bluetooth simply won't work can some 1 help me thanks
    2010-11-18 10:30 PM
  17. JillianH's Avatar
    Try resetting your device to solve iPhone Bluetooth issues.
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    2019-10-03 12:14 PM