1. PetrikChes's Avatar
    I'm got few AT&T iPhones and now looking to unlock it
    I find this site, and they have cheap price SmartUnlocks
    but I want make sure that it's true site, and I not spend money for nothing
    2014-02-10 05:50 AM
  2. haissk's Avatar
    I just paid for an Express service for iPhone 5. Wait for 5 days.. i will post you what happens
    2014-02-13 04:13 AM
  3. haissk's Avatar
    It took 5 days and finally my iPhone 5 is unlocked paid $50. From what i understand from different services. i have used cowboys, smartunlocks, ebay etc..
    Nothing seems to be fixed time. Always pay by PayPal so that you are protected.
    2014-02-22 04:02 PM
  4. netside's Avatar
    I have taken the unlock from smartunlocks 50$ , my max budget . lets see what happens :-)

    Just a quick query .. what to do next .. when i get the confirmation for unlock from smartunlocks .
    or my phone will directly show the signals/services .
    2014-02-28 09:42 AM
  5. netside's Avatar
    Bump .... guys .. any reply pls .
    2014-03-01 08:39 AM
  6. PetrikChes's Avatar
    I unlocked with smartunlocks two iPhone 5, and one iPhone 5s AT&T, for iPhone 5s it's takes around 1 days, I use fast service.
    2014-03-02 06:54 PM
  7. iphonelvr's Avatar
    Ordered an unlock from them 6 business days ago, still waiting ...
    2014-03-04 12:43 AM
  8. PetrikChes's Avatar
    has same problem with one iPhone 4s, was order as express service, support say me that they has delay with iPhones that use express service, but yesterday I got unlocked two iPhones 5[.]
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    2014-03-07 01:36 AM
  9. iphonelvr's Avatar
    Soon to be a month on a 5S unlock. No news yet. I see the guy has substantially lowered the price though...
    2014-03-21 02:45 AM
  10. Kevx's Avatar
    Same here. No unlock after 30 days on their 3-7 day service and now stopped answering emails. I've entered a Paypal claim.
    2014-04-16 11:04 AM
  11. iphonelvr's Avatar
    An update to this. Paypal just refunded my money after escalating the dispute to a claim. I don't understand why these guys selling the unlock service don't find better/more reliable providers. There is zero chance they will survive the PayPal dispute process + credit card chargebacks. Total waste of their time, our time, and their money if you ask me.

    Try this guy and i assure you won't regret. I personally used his services for more than 5 iPhones and no issue so far. Very fast and reliable work from his side.

    His skype: Rizxx_ali
    No credit card option or paypal option. Sending money into Pakistan without chance of appeal. I think I will pass.
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    2014-04-17 10:08 PM
  12. PetrikChes's Avatar
    Same was has problem with one unlock, they tell me thats was denied, and I get money from paypal.
    But after that reprocess it with all imei service, and get my iPhone 5 unlocked
    Also already unlock almost 17 iPhones 4S and 5 with smartunlocks
    2014-04-21 03:15 AM
  13. velascosr's Avatar
    Use UnlocksXpress - Select Your Carrier instead. They also sell their services on ebay and they have 100% positive feedback. I've successfully unlocked a couple of iphones through them. I checked out smart unlocks and their prices are actually way under market value. I would be cautious. Plus they have an "icloud" unlock service, which raises a red flag for me. As far as I know, there is no such thing as a service that can remove an icloud lock at the moment.
    2014-05-30 04:02 AM
  14. sandyjb's Avatar
    Ordered an ATT 5S unlock from them on May 21st. Said it would take about 24 hours but it took 5 days. Got reply back confirming unlock on May 26th. Confirmed its now unlocked as well. Paid $36.
    2014-06-02 10:53 PM
  15. iphonelvr's Avatar
    I'm got few AT&T iPhones and now looking to unlock it
    I find this site, and they have cheap price SmartUnlocks
    but I want make sure that it's true site, and I not spend money for nothing

    Scam alert about Smartunlocks.

    They have a cheap ~$30 service for att iPhone 5S but I tried to unlock twice and both times nothing happened. I had to get my money back through a paypal claim, both times. Whenever I contacted the guy I got either no answer, or to ask for status outside the paypal messaging system. He probably just wants to delay the claim resolution until the end so he can hold onto the funds and have some cash flow? Either way he's fishy and I recommend you to stay away.
    2014-07-21 07:34 PM
  16. John99's Avatar
    Just had a ATT iPhone 4S six months old unlocked, took 9 business days.
    2014-07-26 07:28 PM