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    Hello guys,

    I know forum rules are to read and search and I have done that but the info is overwhelming. My situation is this: I have a friend whom has a contract with ATT and just upgraded from her Iphone 4 to the new galaxy phone. She has completed her term with the Iphone and is now going to sell me her iphone4 cheap when she comes into town on friday.

    These are my questions:

    1. Should I ask her to request an unlock through the ATT website? (I believe she is eligible after reading the att website)

    Should i just get the phone and try to unlock it myself? By having ATT unlock the phone will that cause me problems with jailbreaking? I plan on using Striaght Talk 45.00 unlimited. I do not know what the bandwith version is set at as I wont have the phone untill friday.

    I appreciate any input. Thanks
    2014-02-22 09:51 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Having AT&T unlocking it will not cause any problems with jailbreaking the phone. If it is contract free, it would be better and cheaper to have her request an unlock. Otherwise unlocking could cost around $100.00 or more.
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    2014-02-22 09:57 PM