1. jimrawr's Avatar
    How can I unlock an ATT iPhone 5 when I don't have an ATT Sim card, or account? I have T-Mobile. So when I try to activate phone it just says its carrier locked. I was mislead to believe that I can just insert my TMobile sim and then I will be prompted to unlock. Doesnt seem like that..

    The little I read showed me to check to see if its blacklisted which it isn't.. so what now?

    2014-06-02 07:45 PM
  2. Orby's Avatar
    In order for the "insert T-Mobile SIM and magically unlock!" to work, the device actually has to be unlocked first.

    If you are eligible for AT&T's official unlock process, you can try that (search for the link), or you can purchase an unlock from a third-party like iDeviceGuys or Chronic Unlocks.
    2014-06-02 10:48 PM