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  1. MartyK's Avatar
    Hi guys

    Think I have been sold a stolen iPhone 6S. I believe the phone is actually unlocked to any carrier but I think the IMEI number has been blacklisted through many carriers across Australia. Therefore I am restricted from making calls.

    It seems I can SMS but am very limited as to what I can do such as phoning people.

    I think this is known as a hard lock.

    I wondered if you guys know a way of bypassing this?

    The only way I can think of is changing the IMEI which I guess would be impossible for me.

    Or even a jailbreak could fix it maybe?

    I was told it will work overseas with any carrier but just not Australia.
    2016-08-18 10:42 AM
  2. skiptowncat's Avatar
    No way round it.
    2016-08-18 11:11 AM