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    I have an iPhone, account with AT&T, its moded but not unlocked on 1.0.2 FW. No problem there.

    Brother in law is visiting from Brazil, want to buy an iPhone to use in Brazil. he wants me to help him activate (without account with AT&T) and unlock it for him.

    I've been reading how to do this but have some questions.

    How best do I go about doing this ? I want to help him but I don't want to screw up my iPhone nor my iTunes in the process. Should I use a different computer altogether to activate his iPhone (without AT&T) ? then unlock the SIM ? Would the iPhone my brother in law would buy today have 1.1.1 FW ? If new iPhone is 1.1.1 then what do I do first ? Activate, then downgrade then unlock ?

    Any help or insight is appreciated. Oh and must I do this on a different computer that I normally use to sync my own iPhone ?

    Please advise. Thanks.
    2007-10-05 05:05 PM