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    from this forum i get to the following conclusion. if your phone was never at firmware 1.0.2
    and is currently running 1.1.1 you are going to have to wait as you cant downgrade... use the field test phone number entry to see which edition of firmware you are running... looks like im going to have to wait for the new hack. = hurry folks!

    i bought an iphone in portland on the 2nd of Oct. - i assumed it would have firmware 1.0.2 on it. however my phone / mac are not behaving as discribed on the step by step guides.. heres how

    (1) Reset to 1.0.2 (in case its running 1.1.1) when pressing options and reset button the only files i can chose are within the downloaded file iphone1,1_1 and not the whole file as implied in guide... i chose restore.plist not sure what this has done? i keep getting the agreement window for 1.1.1 (I have not accepted) Question: what file should i be using when choosing manually a restore file?

    (2) iNdependence - after about 100 attempts i keep getting 'Error switching to restore mode" - used iActivator and same thing happens. have followed the iNdependence info to the letter.

    anyone care to direct me ? thanks.
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