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    Hello people - I have a quick question about my iPhone. I've been reading for a week now about the 1.1.1 update b/c the day after they released it and before I heard about it I upgraded by accident...Now I just read this in a forum:
    Preliminary reports say that the OS is downgrading but the modem firmware is not (aka, the modem firmware stays at 04.01.13_G instead of downgrading to 03.14.08_G). This allows use of Wi-Fi but not GSM functions (phone/edge/sms) unless you're using AT&T.

    Now I had a Blackjack from Cingular and got a iPhone to unlock and use with AT&T. I am still an AT&T customer but after restoring I could only get back into my phone and use wi-fi. Invalid sim card it says so I cant put my AT&T card in.

    Now in that quote above it says This allows use of Wi-Fi but not GSM functions (phone/edge/sms) unless you're using AT&T.

    I am a current AT&T customer, so why wont it work?

    I have the 04.01.13_G modem firmware, I know I need the 03.14.08_G.

    Just wanted to know why he said unless your using AT&T, cuz mine still doesnt work.

    I miss my iPhone...please help or respond
    2007-10-08 11:31 PM
  2. yeahitzdat's Avatar
    it wont work even with at&t since they lock it to a certain at&t iphone SIM cards pretty nice of them huh?

    im in the same boat as you accidentally restored an unlocked iphone i bought off someone and it cant make calls with my at&t SIM but they are working on a way so just wait
    2007-10-08 11:36 PM
  3. connecticut's Avatar
    damn well thanks for the reply
    2007-10-09 12:18 AM