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  1. fightclub's Avatar
    I have an iphone with 1.0.2 that was unlocked... i want to relock it (the baseband) so I can do the firmware update... is there a way yet to reflash the baseband and not have it bricked?... i tried reflashing it before they said not to and had to go through some real **** to get it woring agan... is there a guide or a tool that can relock my phone to factory state? thanks.
    2007-10-09 03:54 AM
  2. jedinight's Avatar
    no not right now
    2007-10-09 04:33 AM
  3. aziatiklover's Avatar
    not at this time
     Think Different
    2007-10-09 05:34 AM
  4. ugotpwned5's Avatar
    i used the gui unlock software app from the installer app. Is there anyway to reverse the damage it has done and update to 1.1.1? I am only using att anyways
    2007-10-10 01:20 PM