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    First things first Hi everyone, Its my first post so I thought the least I should do is say Hi.

    I used iPlus the other night to Unlock, Jailbreak and put installer and packages on my iPhone. I used Windows iTunes & a 1.1.4 restore file.

    First I used ziphone to put my iPhone in recovery mode and closed Ziphone for good; I then restored to 1.1.4 and activated it using iTunes. I then used CMD Prompt & iPlus [-u] to Unlock, Jailbreak and put the installer and packages & Apps on My iPhone. My iPhone is now jailbroke with loads of great Apps on it.

    But I can not get any other Sim Cards to work in it. I think the problem has something to do with the fact that (if you go into settings, the third symbol down is called carrier. I can only see carrier in Settings when I have the original SIM Card in the iPhone.

    Can someone please HELP or give me some advise.

    Thanks Marc
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    2008-03-29 12:09 AM
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    Maybe you should restore to 1.1.4 via iTunes and then run iPlus -u again.
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    2008-03-30 05:03 PM