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    alright well i was given a free iphone with 1.0.0 firmware. Since i was a novice, i followed all the 1.0.2 firmware steps and it obviouslly did not work. It showed "No service" instead of the T-mobile logo. HOWEVER in itunes under "Phone Number" it was MY TMOBILE number. I was confused if the unlock worked or not after that. I tried updating to 1.0.2 firmware and thats when i accidentally updated to 1.1.1. ( i wasnt careful) I then downgraded back to 1.0.2 so i can atleast use it as an iPod. Now, i am seeing posts that say they the dev team unlocked the 1.1.1 firmware. This is where i am lost. Do i update and restore then try to jailbreak and unlock the phone now with their directions. I would like too, but they say "DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE PROCEDURES IF YOU HAVE UNLOCKED YOUR IPONE BEFORE." And the problem is i dont know if ive unlocked it before. it was very confusing. Any advice?
    2007-10-11 01:54 AM