1. rokman's Avatar
    First of all be gentle with me because I am don't often use terminal or write code at all but I have some experience and thought I would give it a try. Forgive me if I am making a dumb oversight, anwyay:

    So I have a brand new iphone out of the box with 1.1.1.

    I downgraded, installed Trip1Prepz, followed all of the points very closely and then upgraded back to 1.1.1. My iPhone won't show up in itunes, but I think this is normal right? It sill showed up in my system profiler as a USB device.

    At this point I tried step 7, extracted the "1" folder to my desktop and then dragged it into the terminal window, got the proper prompt, but when I hit enter, I got this message:

    -bash: /Users/Alexei/Desktop/1/: is a directory

    When I typed in "./iphuc-jailbreak.osx" I got this message:

    -bash: ./iphuc-jailbreak.osx: No such file or directory

    What am I doing wrong?
    2007-10-12 01:56 PM
  2. lardawge's Avatar
    You need to be in the 1.1.1-jailbreak directory to run the command

    this will depend on where you downloaded it to. By default terminal opens in the user root directory ~/. If you downloaded it to your desktop you will need to get to your desktop in the terminal "cd Desktop/1.1.1-jailbreak" (no quotes). I find it easiest to run several shells each in the directory I will need to run a command it. In this particular situation it would be 1.1.1-jailbreak, iASign, and one sshed into the phone.
    2007-10-12 11:29 PM