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    I'm living outside the statesos , At&T is out of here.

    I am planning on buying an iPhone this monday.

    The iPhone was bought and brought from the U.S. by someone else.

    This person has unlocked the iPhone for use with local service providers.

    If I buy the iPhone, I will naturally want to sync it with my own media, calendars and stuff.

    I want to run third-party apps (not web apps).

    I want my iPhone to be as fresh as possible.

    I want to use my old sim card, not his.

    I want YouTube to work.

    I have an Intel Mac.

    What do I need to do? Virginise? Jailbreak? Activate? Unlock?

    Any good tutorials?

    I am quite good with computers - I do some xcode for hobby, stay up to date on events, and so. Above-average user. I don't have any experience in iPhones but I have tried to gather as much info as possible. I understand most general terms.

    Please read the post before answering. This is my first post. I have experienced forums where people often answer most questions except for those asked. I hope this is not one.
    2007-10-12 03:21 PM