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    There is so much information out there that sometimes it can get a little confusing. At any rate, with all the talk about 1.1.1 firmware being hacked, I have a question.

    Here's me:

    - unlocked iPhone (using Rogers in Canada)
    - firmware version 1.0.2
    - Windows Vista Ultimate 32
    - numerous mods and 3rd party apps on my phone
    - fairly knowledgeable on computers, but not so much on programming/hacking


    - do these hacks and updates for 1.1.1 firmware apply to me?

    I was wondering if I could upgrade to the 1.1.1 firmware and still be able to use my Rogers SIM card successfully in Canada. Basically, are these hacks for upgrading your firmware to 1.1.1 AND unlocking to use on other GSM carriers other than ATT?

    I am not sure if the newest unlocks/hacks or whatever have you are just to get back a phone that was mistakenly upgraded to 1.1.1 and subsequently bricked or what.

    Any information would help, as it is hard sometimes to sift through what is right or wrong.

    Sorry guys. I just found some more info on another thread that seems to answer my questions.
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    Could u link me the thread that answered ur questions cuz I am in the EXACT same boat as u LOL. Thanks
    2007-10-12 09:51 PM
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    I guess we are still waiting for what we are looking for according to this thread.

    2007-10-12 10:23 PM