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    So help me out hear and bear with me...
    We're coming from a plan of 4 basic phones, and 1 smart phone (oldest brother).

    We're going to be upgrading to a 5 line smartphone share everything 10GB plan.

    How do we go about preordering?
    Can we preorder whilst on our basic phone plan, then when we pick up the iPhone instore, we upgrade there?
    When I 'preorder' will it ask me to log into our VZW account or is purely name/email/phone number preorder?
    Should we preorder through VZW or through Apples website?

    I'm worried that if we upgrade at the same time as we preorder, it will be very annoying, and probably slow- and we'll lose our preorder iPhones since it'll take forever to finish the upgrade.

    We also wanted to call in our upgrade since we've heard their customer care has been known to give a few discounts off of the renewal fee if we're renewing 5+ lines?

    2013-09-04 04:19 AM