1. Gl3nn's Avatar
    So - I bought this iPhone 5 the other day (Verizon).
    I didn't take me long to find out I was more or less scammed.
    A couple of days after I knew for sure that the phone was blacklisted..
    I've read on the forum that was most people do is that they sell their blacklisted phones to european countries, as they should apparently work fine there.
    How can I know for sure which country the phone would work in as I don't want to scam people or lie to them about the state of my phone? I got in contact with a guy from Denmark that would be willing to pay the huge customs-bill for the phone as well, but when he asked me whether I could be sure or not if it would work with Danish carriers, I couldn't really give him an answer..
    2013-10-30 12:17 AM