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    My contract is up with Verizon and I am looking to switch to Net10/Straight Talk or something cheaper. Does anyone know of any problems with any of these carriers?
    2014-01-21 07:47 PM
  2. LucySterling's Avatar
    We have retail stores with these carriers and the only issue I can see customers having is the data throttling which occurs for heavy users. Call quality wise you'll barely see an issue however, it's clear as water that you will have data problems if you're eating up the GB's fast... many customers end up paying more than they would with verizon.

    I would HIGHLY consider metroPCS as it's the only carrier I am aware of that has a TRUE unlimited plan with no data throttling. We sell every single carrier and have been selling them for over 10 years with many stores across the nation, no reason for me to single out any one but at the current moment, as of 8/30/14 - I recommend everyone to use a metroPCS plan (have sim and phones). Why? They are riding on the tmobile network and stand by their unlimited words.
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    2014-08-30 10:22 PM