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    My sister in law passed us an iPhone 5s that was gifted to her. She never used the phone as she was not a Verizon subscriber. When we called Verizon to activate the phone they told us that the phone is registered to a closed account and the only way to activate it is to get in touch with the owner of that account and get it removed from the account. However my sister in law is no longer in touch with the person (personal reasons I guess). So calling the guy is not an option. Is there any way to get it registered on Verizon? I have checked the ESN in various sites. One of them was showing the ESN as clear and the other one was showing the state as "Could not determine the results of the specific ESN and must call carrier.". Would using ESN clear services help in this situation? I have found a website called beijingiphonerepair. Would that service work?

    Thanks in advance.

    An update to the situation. Verizon told me that this is a non-paying account. Probably the guy closed the account and did not pay the ETF fees and so on. Would this make the phone a brick? Is there any way to use this phone or I should return it to Verizon?
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