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    Now listed on Apple's site. Click here...

    Two Peas Consulting, LLC is releasing our second application for the Apple iPhone and it's called TIPR, TIP iPhone Press Releases.

    TIPR is a real-time news feed with a twist. TIPR offers a content partnership between PR Newswire (United Media), the World's premier press release service and Two Peas Consulting, LLC., (TPC).

    We believe TIPR is one of the most powerful ways to read news/PR on the planet because TIPR has a built in contextual search using TPC's patent pending TIP technology, Total Information Pages.

    By default using TIP, every word within a news story offered in TIPR links to a Google search. Additionally, a TIPR reader can enter ANY Internet domain into a "My Search Source" field and the text within the news story will now search that Internet domain.

    For example, if the TIPR reader was browsing news about a medical company they own stock in and entered WebMD.com within the "My Search Source", every word within the news article will now search WebMD.com. The user is very quickly able to change the context of their search by entering another Internet domain (e.g. forbes.com or finance.yahoo.com) and quickly drill into these sites for instances of a word within the article, including stock symbols. Anything within the article is searchable.

    Another example; if the TIPR reader was reading articles about Madonna, they are able to quickly search ANY word in the story within an Internet domain that deals in Hollywood news. (e.g. accesshollywood.com or usmagazine.com)

    TIPR is a free service and can be found at: http://www.tipmynews.com/iphone

    Please bookmark it, tell a friend with an Apple iPhone about TIPR and Digg it.
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