1. Zealth's Avatar
    Some of you may have played the iPhone game "Battle Fleet", where you play the computer in battleship. I've designed a battleship that you can play against other people over the Edge connection with your iPhone. Registration takes 5 seconds (name, pw, optional email) and you're ready to set your ships and play! I've realised that its pretty boring without a chat so i'll try to have a chat under the gameboard ASAP, and an option to play against the computer. Questions / comments / concerns / feedback e-mail me: [email protected] or post here!

    link: http://www.teamtpfl.com/iPhone/
    Screenshots: http://www.teamtpfl.com/iPhone/credits.php?screenshot
    2007-11-24 01:46 AM
  2. docomar's Avatar
    a native application of that game would be awesome.
    I can't wait
    2007-11-24 02:58 AM
  3. Zealth's Avatar
    I was thinking of making a native app to mirror this, but I know 0 about coding for an iPhone or mac. I'm sure I could learn but the time involved in it just doesn't seem worth it right now. We'll see how this goes, and if it seems to get more popular I may try to whip up a native app. Afterall, I hadn't done any PHP / MySQL in almost a year, and knew VERY little javascript before I started this project. I had to teach myself javascript as we went along.

    p.s. Update: it now has a chat on the gameboard so you can talk smack while you're sinkin' ships. More features to be added everyday, I just wanted to get this main demo out to fix bugs.
    2007-11-24 03:39 AM