1. gavakie's Avatar
    Im trying to log into beejive and am getting errors. When i just use my wifi from home it works fine. When I try from edge i get

    Tunnell of SSL Forbidden
    Description: 8289 is not an allowed port for Tunnell or SSL connections.

    Any ideas, Im running 1.1.1 on t-mobile.
    2007-12-17 09:19 PM
  2. DVB+'s Avatar
    Ever since i dissabled Edge i got more wireless networks everywhere i go....unless you are in midle of noman country i would not use Edge ...but mind you i am in banana republic where they rip you off for Edge.

    Also you could email them
    We'd like to thank everyone for your feedback and continued support. If
    you encounter any problems or have any suggestion, please send us an
    email at [email protected]. Thank you for choosing JiveTalk!
    2007-12-22 02:18 AM