View Poll Results: What will you like to read on your iPhone?

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  • Adult books

    36 34.29%
  • Children books

    6 5.71%
  • Classic books

    27 25.71%
  • Religion books

    16 15.24%
  • Harry Potter books

    28 26.67%
  • Poetry books

    6 5.71%
  • Other

    49 46.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
  1. hitno's Avatar is a leading iPhone eBooks portal featuring over 20,000 full books you can read on your iPhone. has released the first version of its service for reading e-books on Apple's iPhone.

    BooksoniPhone allows iPhone users to view electronic books (eBooks), text files, and documents on-the-go and features a native iPhone interface to navigate as well as read titles when browsing

    No additional applications, downloads, or other software is required. Users can instantly read and choose from 20,000+ titles utilizing powerful search or browsing thru recommendations (Top 100 Books, Children's Books, Book d'jour, etc.). The Iphone interface enables users to create read list and add multiple books for simultaneous reading. (System remembers where you left.)

    Adding notes and sharing them is nice feature that allows users to add and share personal notes that is attached to the page they were reading. Unique feature that opens opportunity to read same book with someone and exchange comments. leverages the Safari browser built in to the Apple iPhone and Ajax technology. It features:

    - Virtual keyboard for typing and adding books to read list

    - Tap on screen to go to next page

    - One-tap 'Share the Page' button for e-mailing

    - Adjustable font size for easy reading

    - Variable number of pages per screen

    - Portrait or Landscape mode for easy reading

    - Touch screen Scrolling

    The site is accessible only from iPhone for reading, and from any browser for uploading texts, books, poems, documents, lyrics. There is no limit for text storage per account in this moment.

    Service is free and has no-spam policy.
    2007-08-21 09:29 PM
  2. billchase2's Avatar
    cool website, hopefully more and more books will become available.
    2007-08-25 05:10 PM
  3. aziatiklover's Avatar
    Adult books
     Think Different
    2007-10-03 02:29 AM
  4. Dash-2's Avatar
    hitno, you only get one free plug for your website. Any more and you're gone.
    2007-10-07 12:20 AM
  5. Eurisko's Avatar
    What if you lose your internet connection? Is there a way to download the ebooks so you can put them on your iPhone and use them with the I'd rather have them on the phone than rely on an internet connection so I can read.
    2007-10-07 12:42 AM
  6. canadoc's Avatar
    This is a good question for those of us who are not on ATT and don't have unlimited EDGE data is there a way to download books for offline viewing
    2008-01-21 05:34 AM
  7. Raptor's Avatar
    Service is free and has no-spam policy.
    i think that was the most importaint point just there :P

    on that note, i do agree that an offline mode would be brilliant, if its not already there
    2008-01-30 10:41 AM
  8. GenghisPhlip's Avatar
    I like it! Thanks!
    2008-02-13 10:13 PM
  9. markman80's Avatar
    This is an excellent site. I'm already using it (reading the Dexter Series). I woudl love to see more Non-Fiction books and a better way to search and browse books
    2008-03-06 05:13 PM
  10. LukeGab's Avatar
    Harry Potter
    2008-04-14 11:08 PM
  11. AK911dog's Avatar
    AK has spoken =P
    JailBroken iPhone running 1.1.4
    2008-05-05 07:19 AM
  12. eclipticrider's Avatar
    left out a big catagory, sci fi...
    Never underestimate the determination of a kid who is time rich and cash poor. (Little Brother by Cory Doctorow)

    2008-06-04 03:51 AM
  13. gray mouser's Avatar
    2008-07-09 09:19 PM
  14. mimali6's Avatar
    can i download them and read it on an iphone app cause i have no edge or whatever?
    2009-02-07 03:03 AM
  15. JStraitiff's Avatar
    i dont really read on my iphone ... bad eyes
    2009-02-17 07:08 AM
  16. WingHack's Avatar
    Nice site, though an offline mode is a must.

    i use Stanza (free on the app store) and love that app. i added's source and have already read more than 30 books on my phone... as i travel a lot it's a great way to have a pocket library!
    2009-02-17 09:20 AM
  17. llckll's Avatar
    Yeah, reading on iPhone will mess up your eyes. I think technology is taking away from the good ol' days of the feel of real paper on your fingers.

    everything is electronic now...

    Off topic, I was comparing the screen of the iPhone to the Blackberry Bold. Blackberry Bold wins hands down... Sorry to say...

    Nice site, though an offline mode is a must.

    i use Stanza (free on the app store) and love that app. i added's source and have already read more than 30 books on my phone... as i travel a lot it's a great way to have a pocket library!
    Sounds like you're "addicted" to that app...

    30 books on your iPhone? Kudos...
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    2009-02-18 06:24 PM
  18. j.donald's Avatar
    checked the site, not much a collection , better if they have more ebooks,

    any other links u wanna share !!! pls do
    2009-11-25 05:07 PM
  19. popophobia's Avatar
    Try ebook collection over at They have hundred of books fully categorized. The forum is a mess though, and shady.
    2009-12-05 04:59 AM