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  1. s3bastian's Avatar
    I have an 1.1.3 otb iphone unlocked with ziphone. On my school we have a wifif network which I have the key to, but the proxy is socks 5(i think) but on the iphone I can only choose http. I think they are not the same, but I'am a total noob on proxies....I might have posted this in the wrong section bu I think it is right, so how can I set up the wifi on the iphone to use socks 5??
    Thx in advance
    2008-02-22 09:02 PM
  2. s3bastian's Avatar
    Can anyone help me?? I Installed netservices as I saw there were socks proxy with it, but I just can't find it in installer. Appreciate every answer, I just need to know if I can use socks proxy on my Iphone and how?
    2008-03-08 11:23 AM