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    Since being a member I haven't really had much to bring to the table thus haven't really posted much ..., but today I stumbled across something that just made my day much better.

    The developers at Odynia.org Blog have come out with an amazing web app (soon to be a native app) for the iPhone called, iTranist. This links the Metlink system of Melbourne and Train network of Sydney all too iPhone.

    It brings quick access to all trains, trams and most buses (some say coming soon). They not only allow you to select by line and such, but you can actually search for a stop or station and it lists all the times right there on the phone. Till now I have been having to use the regular web page to go to the journey planner for metlink (melbourne), and this takes time to load even on 3g speeds.

    Their web app literally loads in less than 10sec guaranteeing that you won't have to wait possibly missing crucial moments to run to the station. For me i'll be using this every day and can't wait till they make it native. Head over to... iTransit @


    Quick Tip: For quick access to comon stops.. Search for the Station and then add link to home screen. It will list all trains going either direction!
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