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    ok i have a sirius sub, have usirius running, orb running fine I can listen to any chnl on my pc using orb , when i open orb on iphone i even see pictures that are on my pc that i didn't even take with my iphone so i'm assuming i have the pc part set up correctly

    , but when i go to click the siruis chnl i want to listen to on my iphone it says "safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid" i'm using mms and tried http when in http it goes to h**p://reader.mac.com/mobile.... and says server not responding may be too slow etc..which i'm using wifi at home and good reception. so which am i suppose to use and anyideas why it's not working? thanks
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    I just set this up today. I actually had that happen once but then I closed orb on my PC and on the iPhone, then opened both up again and all was well. I have Sirius and XM channels streaming successfully to my iPhone. One channel and I forget which did tell me to check the URL. Id delete it from ORB and then add it again.

    What speed are you streaming at? I have mine on "low". what firmware is on your iPhone?
    2009-01-07 01:57 AM
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    i have it set at low, 2.1 ver on 2g iphone i will give that a try by shutting things down. could you load up a sirius chnl on your phone and tell me prefix you have yours running with? mms or http? i'm shutting down i will repost to see if it worked.

    Well I rebooted i phone and pc , and the same thing sirius will play on my pc but not on iphone, if i have the url using http it goes to the h**tp reader mac.com and then about 30 seconds later times out and give me the message "server not responding we can't get the feed you requested right now. it may be too slow or unreachable" if i use url MMS it just goes to "safari can't open because page is invalid" i'm lost any ideas?? i'm trying to get howard stern 100 chnl to open can you see if it will open on your end? i will try another chnl maybe thats the problem? i don't know

    sorry about the double post

    ok i noticed when using the http:// mode on iphone I minimize orb on desktop, so i'm only viewing usirius and i can see it ping it on my desktop pc. so it's pinging it, but no go same thing " goes to h**p http reader mac web site and then dosn't connect.
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    You definitely want mms prefix. In uSirius, just highlight the URL and click "clipboard" then paste into Orb where it asks for the URL. That is definitely an mms prefix.

    Also make sure you set settings in ORB to real audio of internet radio. The default Sirius is Windows Media and that did crash on me.

    The below link has a good how to.

    Stream XM and Sirius To Your iPhone and iPod Touch - With a Little Help

    FWIW, I have a 3G running 2.2 Firmware. I know that many of the appstore apps seem to want 2.2 firmware. DOnt know if that is the case with ORB or not. Its a shame, I just upgraded my son's 2.1 yesterday, or I could have tested it. I do think your problem may be the url setting and the format setting.
    2009-01-07 03:50 AM
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    thanks bhz1 and al the other people helping me out, I followed the guide you listed and boom it's up and running. now just to see how good it will work on at&t's 2g network without wifi.

    the Orlando area has damn good at&t reception and most of the business i work in have at&t cell reapeaters in the building.

    anybody got any info on how well it works with 2g internet?

    I'm waiting for a cheapo at&t cell phone(without contract) with unlimted data plan to come in the mail tomorrow. I bought the cheapo cell phone with the 400 min plan $35.00 bucks and unlimted data for i think 15.00 bucks per month will i get popped if i take the sim out and put it in my iphone? i heard rumors/post on other sites say it's a possibility
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    how did you get that phone? was it a special offer the gave you?
    2009-02-07 05:48 PM