1. Persius's Avatar
    Hello guys ,

    I have a webapp using iui script from Joe Hewitt , the converted videos i have encoded with videora play on my iphone/ipod touch just fine and perfect quality...

    the only problem is that it takes way too long to start streaming it seems like it downloads the file first then starts playing....ex. i cant see the bar loading like a normal video it doesn't auto start and the bar goes 50% then 100% done

    i tried uploading a mp4 video i downloaded online already encoded (not sure what software? ) and the video streams perfectly online in my server and i can see the loading bar and it auto starts.

    I researched online seems to be called Progressive Download (Fast Start) ? anyone know any suggestions

    Any options in videora i can add to the parameters to make this work? Or use a different Mp4 Converter?

    2009-01-09 10:57 AM
  2. fl3tch's Avatar
    Havent used videora for encoding, but you are on the right track with Fast Start. Without getting too technical it looks like the "moov atom" (which is needed to start playing the movie), is injected at the end of your files, rather than the beginning. If you see any options regarding this in your encoding software, toggle this and try again. Another way is to do a "save as" rather than save in quicktime, to put the moov atom at the start of the file.

    Hope this helps
    2009-01-12 02:50 PM