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    removed by me
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    2009-01-12 11:01 AM
  2. calingasan's Avatar
    is this for real? can you show us proof? thanks
    2009-01-12 11:16 AM
  3. soooyq's Avatar
    I dont know how i can prove it. It was the only app i had left on my iphone after going through deleting all the apps one by one.I had left this app till last as it was only for wallpapers i thought it must be harmless. when money balance was still going down i removed it, the loss from sim card stopped.I have since returned all my previous apps ,games etc, and sim card and iphone are fine.
    2009-01-12 11:26 AM
  4. soooyq's Avatar
    its started happening again.After a break when everything was fine i re-applied all the apps i had before except sciphon and my sim card is going down 1 penny every hour.I've taken all the apps off agin and will see how it goes.
    2009-01-14 05:20 PM
  5. calingasan's Avatar
    dude, i think you registered your phone number to one of those "free ring tone ads" . If that is the case, you have to unsubscribe to them or call your provider see what they can do.
    2009-01-14 05:32 PM
  6. soooyq's Avatar
    this warning needs to be removed,mobile sciphon was NOT the cause to my sim card problem, can you take it off?
    2009-01-16 10:24 AM