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    Wanted to tell you all about a new third party web app that you might enjoy trying out. It's called mDigger and located at

    mDigger, lets you create, organize and share your own space on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It continuously supplies fresh information by extracting what you need from as many Internet sources as you want, and filters out the rest. You get dynamically updated web clippings from sources you select that are adapted for use on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    mDigger's makes the iPhone even more Internet friendly since it is designed for small touch screen devices, permits fast access to key information and content, eliminates the need to navigate, is more efficient than regular web browsing, and lets you share content with others and within your social networks, like facebook. It combines the best features of web clipping services, content aggregators, information sharing tools and RSS readers into one unique service. The service's main site is at

    Thanks and hope you enjoy!
    BC Girl
    2008-03-11 09:31 PM
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    hmm... looks nice! i'll give it a try!

    thanks for posting

    edit: wow! really cool! i just signed up, added all my favorites, and it works really well!
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    2008-03-12 07:47 AM