1. Riio's Avatar
    Hi guys, i'm new to this iphone GUI mod.. but i'm just wondering how to do i go about changing the city of katra's weather? I want to change it to where i live.. also im using iphonebrowser to get to root, done some added icons to categories app that's all i did so far ^^

    any info would be great.. thanks
    2009-07-29 07:08 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    You have to edit the plist file, you can open it in notepad/wordpad or terminal. You may have to do a google search for the correct city code although I've heard that wit works also by just putting in the city and state.

    Follow this link, there is a thread on how to do it.
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    2009-07-29 08:00 AM
  3. Riio's Avatar
    ok.. i got it working, but i can't seem to change the background wallpaper?.. it's all black and i enabled it to configureMe as true already and the background still black.. any info? ty
    2009-07-29 07:11 PM
  4. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    I think you could change the default wallpaper within Katra's weather app
    2009-07-30 01:24 AM
  5. bloemkool's Avatar

    I cannot seem to get Amsterdam in The Netherlands to work?
    It keeps saying; updating but nothing happens (not even after 8 hours sleep)

    Anyone got a clue?
    2009-09-08 09:30 PM
  6. miah87's Avatar
    Hi, I used katra weather on my iphone 3gs jailbreak. It does show my city however it wont update the weather automatically. I will have to update it myself else it will show the same temperature for the whole day. Anyone had this problem before? If so, tell me how to fix it. thanksss
    2010-01-12 08:22 AM
  7. Cheeetah11's Avatar
    could someone make one for meh?
    Zuidlaren - Drenthe Weather Forecasts | Maps | News - Yahoo! Weather
    i can't get it working
    PS: can you mail it to me? ([email protected])
    cause i don't know if i remember this forum that good, and also don't now if this forum is RECENT
    2011-02-06 09:12 PM