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    Well if manga and anime didn't attract you to this thread i don't know what did. I am in the process of creating a website for iPhone and iPod Touch, where you can read japanese manga and watch japanese anime for free. of course this is going to eventually get really huge and costly. but thats besides the point. right now its a really early beta, there is one full chapter for a manga right now that is really easy to view on your device.

    Currently one video exists which is the opening to an animation. each of them are legal (for now) because they are not licenced in the US, however if they become licenced they are removed so no copyright infringment is involved. I am not trying to advertise now do I want to, I simply would like some opinions on this early release. some feedback (as harsh as possible).

    things to note:
    nobody except moderators will be able upload media of any kind.
    we will remove the media at anytime for any reason
    forums may be created at a later time, however the ones freewebs provides are not so great.
    technical things  you should know!
    when viewing manga you must have your device in landscape mode!
    if you post a comment on the main page your device must be in landscape mode! 
    you can watch videos in portait and landscape
    videos are at the maximum possible quality so they will very well run bad on a slow connection or a 3g network. once full episodes are uploaded they are about 100mb each, on it would take one minute on 3g to buffer a whole video about 15 seconds to buffer 1/3 of the way then play the video.(best possible conditions)
    on your wifi it would be quite quick
    all the videos are %100 quality and fit to the iphones screen perfectly for best possible expierence, they subbtitles are fair to read if you have good eyesight.
    previous button on the manga page does not work, you will have to use the browsers back button.
    How you can leave feedback
    if you have an iphone please tell me how the website loads and the videos and images as well, please do this on a 3g network if possible.
    tell me anything that can improve the site or features you want. however this site is made to be simple and quick so more features means less speed.

    thanks a bunch
    2009-08-20 10:07 AM
  2. Supremus's Avatar
    ill be sure to check it out been trying to find an alternative site to youtube to be able to watch anime on the go
    2009-08-21 06:08 AM

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