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    Hello, i have a very very very very strange problem...
    when i delete any webclip made with iwebkit from my springboard, all the webclips made with iwebkit disappears...
    if i go to the folder /var/mobile/Library/WebClips all still there but not showing on the springboard and i cant add anymore webclip made with iwebkit...

    i need to restore again to all working again but if i delete any iwebkit webclip i have again the same problem. i try it three times...

    i have a JB 3.1.2 iPhone 3GS but the problem persist from 3.0

    i have no idea why

    any help or suggestion?

    Thank you very much

    i edited the Info.plist manually in the webclip folder:

    PHP Code:
    true/> to <false/> 
    and now it appears on the springboard again after reboot.

    i make this modification on four "iwebkit" webclips and now appears again after another reboot...

    if i change it again to "true" disappears again

    PD: i try modifing another "non-iwebkit" webclip from "false" to "true" and disapperas too

    After 10 restores, i determine that the problem is with Cydelete... I notified to the developer and not install it again...
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