1. neilk's Avatar
    sorry, name is Neil and I'm the guy who reviews sites for Seego and I was wondering if anyone would like to throw their web apps or mobile sites my way so I can enter them into the site.
    It's a linklist. we get pretty good traffic (which seems to be increasing and the retention is solid), it's free and i think we've done a pretty good job overall (some hiccups, but that's how it works).
    I'm not coming across too many web apps these days and a lot of the submissions I've been getting recently are either ads or scam sites.
    So, short version. please send me submissions. i know there has to be people out there making great web apps. i've seen them. it would make my workday better. c'mon, feel a little sorry for me?
    Seriously, feel my pain. It's like a mile across. It is like eating a landmine and having someone try to set it off with a fat man in golf shoes. Hurt!
    2009-12-10 08:27 PM